We are just a couple of people who were tired of being subjected to the rules of the food industry, so we decided to shake things up a bit. We started Food-n-Stuff so that now you can get what you really want. You are no longer shackled with only being able to get 'pizza and subs'. Now you can have wings, pasta, seafood, and even just a hot juicy burger without waiting in line or driving.

We are Food-n-Stuff (or as some people like to call us - FNS) and our goal is to make all your favorite restaurants available at your doorstep. You set the table, we take care of the rest!


Your Drivers

Your drivers are paid per delivery, and some restaurants include a convenience fee that 100% is given to your driver. That way you don't have to stumble around with math. All you have to do is enjoy your food, and of course give your driver a high five.

Catering Service

Whether you are planning a family gathering or office meeting, we are here to help. To find out more information email us at catering@fnsdelivers.com or call our catering hotline at (888) 930-4FNS