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By Dana Deters on Tue, Apr 8th 0 comments
Since I ended my last post with endearing words of bacon, I decided to start this one with some mention of bacon. I LOVE bacon, and I really enjoy Taco Bell. This morning I tried, for the first time, the new A.M. Bacon Crunch Wrap. Armed with a bottle of hot sauce and a cup of coffee, I enjoyed my not so nutritious but thoroughly delicious breakfast. Which leads me into today's tangent. I of course enjoyed my breakfast with hot sauce, as I do most meals and it sparked the hot sauce craving insanity. It even prompted me to post the following on my Facebook page... “Does anyone else crave hot sauce? By craving it, I mean what you really want is to just eat the hot sauce out of the bottle but you know that that is not quite acceptable. So then you begin to think about the foods that are available to you to put copious amount of hot sauce on, even if you are not really hungry. Then that is still not enough and you continue to think about hot sauce until the next meal that you go completely out of the way to find a food that you can again put copious amount of hot sauce on... “ Now I know that this is not a completely normal phenomenon of craving, but I also know that I am not alone. Why else would there be so many different kinds of hot sauce? If you understand such a craving, you know that it is no joke. I myself at this very moment have eight plus bottles of hot sauce at home, and one in my purse. Even Bigger bottles in which to refill smaller bottles for travel. This consists of at least six different types of hot sauce, all ranging in flavor and degree of spice. Cholula, Tapatio, and Valienta just to name a few. In the words of Frank's RedHot, which I also keep in my cupboard, “ I put that $#!+ on everything!” So today, hopefully not alone, I am on a quest to defeat the insanity of my hot sauce craving. In search of the perfect paring and ratio of hot sauce to food. The perfect flavor, with enough but not too much heat in which to enjoy both. No suggestion is ever too much or too little. If you see me today taking shots, or even pulls from the bottle, you will know that I have failed to control the cravings and the addiction has taken me. Farewell my hot sauce and bacon loving friends, that I have never actually met. Until the next battle of Will VS Hot Sauce I bid you Ado.....( I really shouldn't watch 6 episodes of Game of Thrones be before bed)
By Luke on Mon, Mar 31st 0 comments

You have voted, they have been tallied, and in the end you decided the fate of the restaurants in the FNS Food Bracket.  Your champion, is GREAT MANDARIN!

In celebration of them, there will be no delivery fees for Great Mandarin this week!


FNS Food Bracket

By Jarrett Freeman on Tue, Mar 25th 0 comments
Finals [poll id="31"]
By Jarrett Freeman on Tue, Mar 25th 0 comments
Finals [poll id="30"]
By Luke on Tue, Mar 25th 0 comments
Later today you will be tasked with a mission.  A mission that is of the utmost importance.  While it does not include life or death, certainly is on the 2nd tier of importance. Today, you will decide the fate of the food industry! Championship bracket:  Great Mandarin vs Sawatdee.  Old long standing vs relative newcomer. Lets take a look at each of them and see what and who they are... Great Mandarin This restaurant has served Eden Prairie residents for nearly 30 years and almost exclusively out of the same location they have now.  They have one motto, "Good Food + Good Attitude = Happy Customer".  This is evident by the owner, Tony, who is always walking around the place greeting everyone in sight.  They do not change their menu, prices, or atmosphere at the Great Mandarin.  Customer service and large portions are what they do best, and when I say they do it best I mean they do it better than almost everyone else. Sawatdee A new resident of Eden Prairie, Sawatdee is a bit of a surprise in the championship round.  Though those who are more familiar with some of their other locations would disagree.  They may be new here, but they also have roots that go 30 years...even to the Minnesota State Fair.  Superior quality and service is what they strive for.  Each location offering something just a bit different to cater to its respected market.  The food, however, remains the same.  A perfect blend of Thai cuisine that has delighted Minnesota residents and will continue to do so for many years to come.   In a couple of hours the voting will begin.  Vote often, vote regularly!  The winning restaurant will have free delivery fee for all its delivery customers for the proceeding week!  Remember Minnesota...ITS UP TO YOU!

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